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The Right Dry Cleaners for Suits Can Extend Their Lifespan

Dry Cleaning

When it comes to the maintenance of our professional wardrobe, who we entrust with our garments is critical. Choosing the right dry cleaners for suits is as essential as buying quality suits in the first place. A well-chosen dry cleaning service can extend the lifespan of your suit, maintain its pristine appearance, and ensure you always look your best when it matters most.

Dry Cleaners for Suits: More Than Just Cleaning

One might question, why is the selection of dry cleaners for suits so important? Suits are fairly robust items, aren’t they? Dry cleaning is not just about removing stains and dirt, but also about preserving the suit’s form and texture.

You see, one of the most important aspects of dry cleaning which is often overlooked is the pressing. Poor pressing can result in a sharp crease down your lapels which immediately cheapens the look of the suit. Or, if the pressing has caused the interior fabric to show through, or created a button outline. Worst of all is ironing at home which can cause the fabric to shine. A suit that’s been correctly pressed will hold it’s shape while you wear it, not drape off you like a used car salesman. It will also reduce the appearance of bubbling and fraying which spell disaster for any suit.

Extending the Lifespan of Your Suit

Whilst suits do change fashion from time to time, they do not change fashion often. Therefore, suits are investments that can last for years, if properly maintained. Selecting a good dry cleaner can significantly extend the lifespan of your suits. Good dry cleaners understand the fabric and structure of your suits and can ensure that they maintain their form and color over time.

For instance, dry cleaners use solvents that are gentler on the structure of the suit than water and laundry detergent. Dry cleaning helps to preserve the delicate fibers of your suit, keeping them looking as good as new for longer. Indeed, if you’ve ever accidentally washed your suit at home you’ll know that the fabric will go fuzzy and the suit will lose its form completely, among other things.

Dry cleaning will reduce colour fade, both overall and along the seams. Still, imperceptible fading will occur even with dry cleaning, which is why you should always dry clean your blazer as often as your pants; to ensure they fade at the same rate. Because nothing ruins a suit faster than the pants looking a slightly different colour than the blazer! This is why many people purchase their suits with two pants as the pants need cleaning about twice as often as the blazer.

Dry Cleaners for Suits: The Convenience Factor

As time-poor professionals, we often juggle between work commitments and maintaining a polished appearance. A service that offers pickup and delivery, like Laundry Point, comes in very handy in such situations. Our service provides a seamless and convenient way to ensure your suits are always ready and waiting for your next big meeting or event and gives you one less thing to worry about in your hectic schedule. We handle the logistics so you can focus on the more important things in your professional life.


Choosing the right dry cleaners for suits can impact not just how you present yourself, but also the longevity and durability of your professional wardrobe. By selecting a service that understands the importance of careful pressing and has the knowledge to extend the lifespan of your suit, you are ensuring you make the most of your investment.

Moreover, thanks to our pick-up and delivery service, maintaining your professional appearance need not come at the expense of your valuable time. For time-poor professionals, this is undoubtedly a game-changer.

Choosing the right dry cleaners for suits, therefore, is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Do your research, consider your options, and make a choice that will keep you looking your best for years to come.

Why Choosing a Delivery Service for Your Dry Cleaning Beats Searching for ‘Dry Cleaning Near Me’

Dry Cleaning Being Delivered

Looking for the best dry cleaning near me? Consider leveraging a dry cleaner delivery service. It’s clearly superior to traditional stores in every way. Here’s why:


The further away from the city you live the harder it is to find a good dry cleaner. A delivery service extends the reach of the best dry cleaners in Melbourne so that more people can access them than ever before, regardless of where they live.

The Time-Saver

Traditionally, you’d search for your local dry cleaner, load up your car, and make the trip. The process is repeated all over again when picking up your cleaned clothes. With a delivery service, that time is saved, not to mention the mental load. Your dry cleaning is picked up and delivered without you leaving your home or office, freeing up your valuable time.

The Comfort Factor

With a dry cleaner delivery service there’s no battling traffic, hunting for parking, or waiting in line. It’s about creating a comfortable, hassle-free dry cleaning experience right from your doorstep.

Reliability and Consistency

Laundry Point’s professional dry cleaners offer a delivery service providing reliable and consistent results. They follow a strict schedule, ensuring your clothes are cleaned and delivered on time. A service this reliable and consistent can become part of your routine, providing peace of mind which means you’ll always have your favourite suit ready when you need it most.

Quality Service & Professional Care

Laundry Point prides itself on offering a higher level of care for your garments. In fact, Laundry Point’s Dry Cleaners are even contracted to follow industry best practice. All of Laundry Point’s Launderers are DIA Affiliated Dry Cleaners with at least 10 years experience. Can your local Dry Cleaner provide that kind of assurance?

Saving Money

When considering the costs associated with dry cleaning, we must factor in more than just the price of the dry cleaning itself. There’s also the cost of fuel or public transport to get to and from the dry cleaner, not to mention the value of your time.

By contrast, Laundry Point’s pickup and delivery service is genuinely free, operated at their Launderer’s expense. This arrangement saves you the expense and effort associated with transporting your clothes. Moreover, by freeing up your time, these services let you focus on more important aspects of your life, be it work, family, or leisure. Even so, Laundry Point’s dry cleaning prices are even lower than most local Dry Cleaners, and certainly lower than the high quality ones with which they deserve to be compared.

Conclusion: The Future of Dry Cleaning is Delivery

The reasons to choose a delivery dry cleaning service over traditional shopfronts are compelling. With increased convenience, superior care for your garments, savings in time and money, and a quality guaranteed approach, the choice seems clear. The future of dry cleaning is here, and it’s delivered right to your door.

So next time you’re thinking about searching for ‘dry cleaning near me,’ remember the benefits of a delivery service. Give it a try and experience the convenience, quality, and efficiency that this modern approach to dry cleaning offers.

Whether you’re a busy professional, a parent juggling multiple responsibilities, or simply someone who values their time and the environment, a dry cleaning delivery service could be the perfect solution for you.

Find out more about Laundry Point‘s apps that make using the best free service in Melbourne a breeze.

7 Things The Best Dry Cleaners In Melbourne Have In Common

Older Generation Dry Cleaners Are Retiring & Often Not Getting Replaced

Many people don’t understand what it is that dry cleaners even do.

For example, did you know that dry cleaning was once a two- or three-year apprenticeship?  So few people are getting into the industry today that they can no longer provide the TAFE level course that a true apprenticeship requires.  With the best dry cleaners in the industry retiring and no longer getting replaced it really is an aging artform.  That is why it is getting harder and harder to find a truly skilled Dry Cleaner.

But why would anyone need to study dry cleaning in the first place?  Surely it’s just cleaning clothes, right?  There is a whole lot more to it than that.

This article gives you six things to look for in order to find the best dry cleaners in Melbourne. 

1 – Affiliated Members of the Dry Cleaning Institute of Australia

The Dry Cleaning Institute of Australia (DIA) is the governing body for this industry here in Australia.  Affiliation entitles any customer that uses a DIA member to free garment appraisal should anything go wrong.  This is particularly useful if the dry cleaner denies responsibility.  The DIA can’t force a dry cleaner to pay out compensation. However, the Small Claims Court would almost certainly agree with the DIA’s findings on the matter.  That is why only the best dry cleaners in Melbourne put their hand up to offer their appraisal service free of charge. All of Laundry Point’s dry-cleaning partners are DIA affiliated.

2 – Free Pickup & Delivery

Let’s get real.  It’s 2022.  Dry cleaning work is very labour intensive so it is understandable that the local store barely stays open past office hours.  That’s not ideal for time poor professionals though.  This is where Laundry Point comes in.  It helps bring the best dry cleaners in Melbourne into the modern age.  It even provides them with apps to help them stay organised.  So, it’s fair to say that our Dry Cleaner business partners love Laundry Point as much as our customers do.

3 – Pre-Examination of Garments

All garments should be checked for damage or stains prior to cleaning.  They also need to be checked for items such as pens left in pockets. These can bleed onto garments if they get put through a dry-cleaning machine. 

The fashion industry is always changing. So, the best dry cleaners always check the Care Label attached to every garment as well, no matter how experienced they are.  These labels act as a warranty. If garments are processed contrary to those instructions and the garment gets damaged you are no longer covered.  Worse, the dry cleaner is now liable but who needs the headache when all you wanted was a clean garment?  The good news is that Laundry Point’s dry cleaners are contractually obligated to stay within the Care Label instructions.

4 – Pre Treatment

Now that garments have been checked and significant staining found those stains need to be pre-treated. Failure to pre-treat will result in less stains being removed but some still skip this step.  This usually occurs when the dry cleaner is a paid member of staff rather than an owner operator.  Staff tend to cut corners as they are not beholden to repeat business, they get paid regardless. 

5 – Processing

A dry-cleaning machine is a lot like a washing machine.  It even has different cycles such as “delicate” like a washing machine. And, without getting too technical, whites are also treated differently to darks. 

In addition, these days there a couple of alternatives that your dry cleaner might use for the actual dry-cleaning process.  These are usually traditional Perc drycleaning or so-called organic dry cleaning.  It is true that Perc is not as good for the environment.  It is also true that it is far superior in removing stains and is safer for many fabrics.  The safe use and disposal of this solvent is highly regulated. So, you don’t need to be any more alarmed than you might be when using bleach to clean your bathroom.  Sometimes necessary & certainly not the end of the world. 

Organic dry cleaning on the other hand is actually not dry cleaning at all. In fact, the DIA insists its members refer to it only as wet cleaning as garments using this technique are essentially washed.  It smells a lot better than dry cleaning and is more environmentally friendly so certainly has its uses.  We have both kinds of dry cleaners at Laundry Point and can bring them to bear as required.

6 – The Most Important Part – Quality Control

After pressing, the best dry cleaners will have one more step in the process, the all-important Dispatcher role.  The Dispatcher may touch up the pressing as required and remove any lint or pilling from the garments.  Stubborn stains that still need work are also returned to the dry cleaner for spot cleaning by hand.  This is where the Dry Cleaner’s experience really counts. 

Dry cleaning apprentices used to study the nature of fabric and stains in order to know what solvent is best used to remove the latter.  For example, dairy stains are protein based so require an alkaline based spotting agent to remove them.  Red wine stains include tannins, so an acid-based spotting agent is required there.  These solvents are commercial grade strength and need to be handled correctly. This is why you won’t find them in the supermarket. Some stains may be impossible for even the very best dry cleaners to remove. Nonetheless, you may be surprised when a stain described as immovable by one dry cleaner is suddenly removed by another, more experienced operator. 

7 – Next Level Know How

Lastly, don’t be alarmed if a good dry cleaner asks to go outside the Care Label instructions.  If a stain hasn’t come out, then the best ones may have the know how to break the rules and add years to the life of your garment.  They should always, always ask your permission first though as there is always some risk involved when breaking rules.  Only you will know if a risk is worth taking. 

Perhaps now you see that there is a lot more to dry cleaning than meets the eye.  Laundry Point was started by a second-generation dry cleaner and his wife and yes, he did the apprenticeship.  That’s why they know so much about the dry-cleaning process and how to choose the best dry cleaners.  Best of all they’ve gone out and done all the hard work for you to bring them to your door. 

To book one of the best Dry Cleaners in Melbourne download the app here. Alternatively please visit our Pricing page for more information.

Tips For Storing Your Dry Clean Only Clothes

How To Store Your Dry Clean Only Clothes

Dry cleaning is a process that uses a special chemical solvent to clean clothing and garments without the use of soap and water. Sometimes it is a necessity for fabrics that are entirely too delicate for regular washing methods. Fabrics like muslin, and cotton voile are fragile and prone to tearing, even with hand washing. While suedes and soft leathers can lose color and become incredibly stiff. When dealing with these fabrics you not only need to consider how to clean them but also how to store them. Here are some tips for storing your dry clean only clothes to keep them protected and beautiful and lasting a lifetime. 


When dealing with stretchy garments, such as sweaters, the best way to store them is by folding them. This is because they can become stretched out of shape on hangers under the weight of the garment. After folding, place the garments in a container that can keep out moisture. You want to place the heaviest garment on the bottom, then second heaviest, and so forth. Make sure to leave a little space between the top garment and the lid for breathing room. 

Hung Up

Padded, or thick wooden hangers, can be used to store garments that won’t stretch. After hanging, simply place the garments and hangers in breathable cotton garment bags. Cotton will offer enough air flow so the garment can breathe, yet still protect it from dust and environmental dirt. 

Vacuum Sealed

Vacuum sealing clothing is an amazing way to save space when storing clothing. With dry clean only it is not recommended that this method be used for really long term storage. However, it is perfect for seasonal storage where you plan to rotate clothing a few times a year. After opening the vacuum sealed bag, please be sure to give your clothing at least 24 hours to re-inflate before wearing. If, after they re-inflate, they are wrinkled you should have them professionally pressed to get them ready to wear.

Regardless of the storage method you choose, make sure it is in a place that is away from UV rays, and has a mild temperature. These elements can cause damage to the clothing. And, while not necessary, make sure to label your bins, garment bags, or vacuum bags, so you can find your items quickly without compromising the delicate fabrics by rummaging through them to find one or two items.

Now that you know our best tips for storing your dry clean only clothes, it is time to find an amazing place to have your clothing cleaned. Laundry Point is a reliable 24 hour laundry and dry cleaning service that offers pick-up and delivery to work around your schedule.

Why Drycleaning Matters

Why Drycleaning Matters

Look in any wardrobe and you will find the most expensive garments in there are probably labelled “dry clean only”. This is why the drycleaning company you choose to clean them matters. 

Your sharpest suits and delicate beaded silk dresses cost a lot of money to purchase. Therefore, it is extremely important to find someone you can trust to maintain them. But, with one or more dry cleaners in virtually every suburb how do you know who you can trust? Dry cleaning is a highly specialised trade. It involves solvents, procedures and techniques that can vary greatly depending on the garment.

Thankfully, Laundry Point has taken all the trial and error of finding a good dry cleaner away. We only partner with DIA affiliated dry cleaners with a proven track record and contract them to adhere to our quality standards.

Here we outline our process to show you just how much who you choose to take care of your drycleaning matters.  

Why The Care Label Matters

Did you know that the Care Label attached to every garment acts as a warranty? Let’s say that the Care Label attached to your black and white striped tshirt says “wash in cold water. If you do as instructed but the black bleeds onto the white did you know you can take it back to the shop that you purchased it from and demand a refund? However, if you washed it in warm water you have effectively voided the warranty and there is nothing you can do about it.

This works in exactly the same way for dry clean only garments. We have contracted our dry cleaners to follow the care instructions on every garment you put in for dry cleaning unless they have your express permission to do otherwise. Why would you give such permission? Years of experience can provide a seasoned professional with an array of tips & tricks. If our dry cleaners have tried everything within the Care Label Instructions to get a stain out but it still won’t budge, they may offer to try something else. At that point, what have you got lose? 

Why Experience Matters

Laundry Point drycleaners have access to a vast amount of industry experience. Laundry Point’s founders are extremely experienced, second generation dry cleaners who work hand in glove with their suppliers. They also provide their suppliers with the combined know how of an extensive dry cleaning community. So you’ve taken your garment elsewhere but they can’t get that stain out? You’ve come to the right place. If we can’t get it out, no one can.

Why Industry Affiliation Matters

All Laundry Point dry cleaners are members of the governing body for the drycleaning industry, the Drycleaning Institute of Australia (DIA). Why should that matter? The DIA literally wrote the book on industry best practices which the courts use to establish fault and compensation. Our suppliers are contractually obligated to adhere to these best practices.

So relax. Your investment in your wardrobe is more protected than with any other dry cleaning service. We literally guarantee it.

Click here to find out more about our Dry Cleaning services, including pricing. 

Dry Cleaning or Laundry Service?

Image of woman considering a dry cleaning or laundry service

Deciding between a dry cleaning or laundry service can be confusing. There are a lot of variables to consider to ensure the longevity of your clothes. Let’s break it down. First, what’s the difference?

Dry Cleaning

A dry cleaning machine is like a large, front loading washing machine but instead of using water it uses solvents. It even has short and gentle cycles, like a washing machine does. But why would you want to clean your clothes using solvents instead of just using water? The answer is quite complex which is why dry cleaners train for three years to fully understand materials and solvents and the best way to handle them. For instance;

  1. Some stains, like oil, blood, ink and so on are very difficult if not impossible to remove with water. The solvents that dry cleaners use are also much stronger than you can obtain domestically. We have seen clothes ruined by well meaning people and their home remedies. Don’t be one of them! The best thing is to use paper towel to gently dab off any excess liquid (don’t rub). Then get the item dry cleaned as soon as possible as stains can “set” if you leave them too long.
  2. Some materials like wool and silk may be washable but we always recommend to dry clean them regardless. For example, a wool jumper can stretch or shrink in the wash. It can even stretch and shrink at different rates if it is a wool blend! Silk on the other hand is notorious for dyes running. Dry cleaning solvents are far less likely to cause colour run, and even if they do run, a good dry cleaner can clean it multiple times until the “loose dye” is removed. Try that at home and your best dress is ruined.
  3. A suit jacket contains fusing glued between the front panels to make it stiff so it doesn’t flop at the front like a cardigan. Washing suit jackets causes bubbles to appear as the material starts to separate from the fusing which will mean a trip back to the shops for a whole new suit so don’t do it!


So now you know that some clothes should be dry cleaned only. But what should be washed?

  1. There are many clothes that can’t withstand drycleaning solvent. It has a tendency to weaken the threads of lycra gym wear causing a fuzzy appearance, for example, so don’t cook with oil after you’ve been to the gym!
  2. Nothing beats washing for freshness, so if it’s smell you want to get rid of, washing wins hands down.
  3. Unless you’ve got ink stains or similar your business shirts come out fresher and press up crisper with washing.


Customer Care Labels

Here in Australia the ACCC rule that all garments must come with a Care Label attached, even if they are purchase online from an international distributor. By law, the clothing manufacturers should test each garment by cleaning it a number of ways prior to releasing it to market to establish the correct instructions.

So, if you’re wondering whether to use a dry cleaning or laundry service, start by checking the Care Label. If damage such as shrinkage or colour run occurs despite following those instructions take your garment back to the place of purchase, you have a right to refund.

If either method is OK, then the best thing to remember is that the results from dry cleaning are more predictable than from washing. So, if you really love something or it cost a lot to purchase, best to play it safe and get it dry cleaned. For your everyday items though, washing is king.

Here is a handy chart to help you deciper those care label symbols, once and for all

Breaking down each symbol on a care label


The Perfect System

Here at Laundry Point we don’t charge your credit card until we successfully deliver, so our experienced operators will keep an eye out for you and let you know prior to processing if they spot something they think is wrong. So, if you’re tired of thinking about it, download our app. That way, you’ll never have to think about it, ever again. That’s truly the perfect system for dealing with dry cleaning or laundry.

Laundry Point launches as Australia’s first peer-to-peer laundry service

Love it or loathe it, laundry and ironing are part of life. Now, thanks to Laundry Point, freeing yourself of onerous laundry tasks is as simple as a tap on an app. Conjuring up a clean, pressed shirt or five has never been so easy.

Laundry Point is a newly minted, tech-enabled app that matches laundry loathers with laundry lovers. It’s Australia’s first peer-to-peer, on-demand, pick-up laundry service, and it’s designed with busy, modern lifestyles in mind. 

Conceived in Melbourne by Kylie and Rene Jaramillo, Laundry Point is a direct response to market demand. These stalwarts of the dry cleaning industry found more and more customers looking to outsource time-consuming laundry and ironing tasks. And Kylie and Rene knew there was a willing labour pool of work-from-home mums, dads and students looking for extra income. They just needed to bring them together.

On-demand is more in-demand than ever.

Like other players in the on-demand services, collaborative consumption and sharing economy arenas, Laundry Point matches customer needs with providers. Think: Uber, BlaBlaCar, Airbnb, AirTasker and dozens of other established and start-up enterprises bringing choice and competition to the market.

Laundry Point leverages geolocation, frictionless payments, a growing network of launderers and a peer review system to deliver fuss-free on-demand laundry services. All with the simple tap of an app.

Who does other people’s laundry?

If you’re one of those people who loathes laundry, you might be wondering who’d do other people’s laundry by choice. The fact is that many people love laundry and relish the chance to build themselves a business or side income through peer-to-peer platforms. 

They might be your neighbour, or someone who lives a couple of streets or suburbs away. Stay at home mums and dads. Students. Part-time workers. Even full-time workers seeking weekend work. They’re all attracted to the flexibility and potential of being a Laundry Point launderer. Setting your own hours, working locally, managing your work on your terms – it’s all about freeing yourself of money woes and the ties of traditional employment.

Australia’s first on-demand peer-to-peer laundry service.

Laundry Point pioneers on-demand laundry services in Australia. With its affordable single-tiered pricing structure, “minimum clicks” ordering interface and instant, app-enabled communication it’s a winner for those who loathe doing laundry … and those who love it. 

Our top tips for running a home-based business

Becoming a Laundry Point launderer can free you from money woes and the ties of traditional employment. Many of you will be running a home-based business for the very first time. 

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mum or dad, working while studying or looking for weekend work, Laundry Point gives you flexibility and the choice to earn a little or a lot. No matter how much you intend to earn, you’ll be operating a business from home, and will need some advice. Here are our top tips* to help you get started.

Know your obligations – play by the rules

The rules and regulations for starting and running a home-based business differ, depending on your state or territory. Check here for links to more information about the rules where you live.

Use the business features built into the Laundry Point app.

We designed the Laundry Point app to help make running your business easy. Tracking your income and kilometres driven for work means that tax time is a simple affair. Pass these totals and your receipts (see below) to your tax agent and your job’s done. Make sure to keep money aside in a separate account to allow for tax. If you put aside a little more than needed each week, you’ll not only be covered come tax time, you’ll have saved yourself a little nest egg for a holiday or special treat.

Document your business – record-keeping like a boss

When you’re making money from home, good record-keeping is essential. It will help you meet your tax obligations and understand how much you’re really earning. By law you need to be able to explain all the transactions in and out of your business, that is: income and expenses. You need to keep most records for 5 years (some longer). Apart from receipts for expenses (see next tip) you need to keep a record of what you’re paid. Laundry Point (via your Stripe account) makes it easy to access your total annual income with the touch of a button. Learn more about record-keeping for small business here.

Keep receipts – no receipt, no deduction

As a self-employed home-based worker, you can claim tax deductions for many of your expenses. Some, you can claim in full. Others, you can claim a portion of. You need to keep your receipts to make any claims come tax time. 

Expenses you may be able to claim as a Laundry Point launderer include:

  • vehicle running costs – fuel, registration, insurance, maintenance
  • equipment service and repairs – washing machine, dryer, iron
  • electricity/gas
  • water rates
  • some equipment – iron, hanging racks
  • laundry powder/liquid, dryer sheets 
  • Laundry Point app subscription

Track your travel

Because you’ll probably use your car for both private and work trips, you need to track the kilometres you travel for each, so you claim the right portion as a tax deduction. You can keep track of your kilometres in a log book, but the Laundry Point app makes it even easier for you, automatically tracking the distance you travel in your work. And if you opt to use a “per km” system for tax deductions, you won’t need to present fuel receipts. 

Be organised – systems win the day

Your success as a Laundry Point launderer, relies on you being reliable. You need to arrive on time for pick-up and deliver back to your customer’s expectations. The Laundry Point app’s built-in calendar will help you schedule your time, your jobs and your availability. It even sends you reminders! Checking in on your calendar every morning over a coffee will make sure you’re not caught by surprise. 

You also need to be able to manage your customers’ laundry items right through the process, from pick-up to delivery, without losing or confusing any items with those of other customers (or your own). Think about a system that will work in your home environment … and then stick to it. You’ll need to be extra careful if other people have access to your washing machine/dryer or vehicle.

Be professional – impressions count

Working from home doesn’t mean unprofessional. It means working hard to earn your customers’ respect, trust and confidence. Always dress in neat, clean clothes and be well-groomed. Keep your vehicle clean and tidy. Above all, be polite and professional with all your customer interactions. Let your smile show your customers that you really love doing laundry.

Ready to get started as a Laundry Point launderer? Fill in this form today to get more info.

*Disclaimer: This information is general in nature. You should check with your accountant, bookkeeper or the ATO for specific advice in relation to your individual circumstances.

Dirty Laundry & How To Deal With It

Ask just about anyone how they are and their answer is usually “busy”. We put our all into our work, committing to the long hours and deep headspace it takes to do a job well. Not to mention our family and social lives. And, for the most part, we like it like that. Busy is the “new black”. So why is anyone wasting precious time dealing with dirty laundry?

It takes time and effort just to keep up.

Many families have two breadwinners juggling schedules to share the load of work and home. Or, if you’re flying solo, it’s even harder to get everything done, commit at work and have a social life without any help to get through life’s minutiae.

Perhaps once we’d feel guilty about socialising with friends instead of getting ourselves and our dirty laundry organised for the week ahead. Now though, if COVID has taught us anything, it’s that time spent together with other human beings is incredibly precious. So many people have now realised that cancelling friends or time with family is just not an option when they’re running short on time.

So, why on earth are you still doing such a time consuming task as laundry yourself?

Outsourced laundry services and ironing services are in good company.

With the tap of an app, you can summon an Uber car to your door, a Deliveroo meal to your workplace and an AirTasker handyperson to paint your side fence. And, now, with Laundry Point, you can outsource your washing, folding, dry cleaning and ironing with the same ease.

Why wouldn’t you? There’s no guilt. It’s affordable and secure. You have nothing to lose and just time to win back. Time to do the things you love and enjoy, rather than dealing with laundry tasks.

No need to keep carting your sweaty gym clothes and towels to and from work every day. And no need to drag the towels home from your physio or osteo practice to try to get them done yourself either. Simply fill a basket and have the lot picked up from your home, workplace or wherever is convenient and we’ll deliver it back to you all done. Perfect.

Stop staring down relentless waves of folding and ironing (and more folding), week in, week out. The solution is just a tap away.

Revenge bedtime procrastination.

Do a couple of loads of washing, and you won’t have time to go to the gym. Iron next week’s business shirts tonight, and you won’t get to that dinner with friends or the kids’ soccer. You could hide a large dog under the mountain of washing that needs folding, but you’re just desperate to hit the couch for some Netflix and chill.

Do you find yourself so out of control during the day that you have to forego enjoyable activities to make time for mind numbing chores? Do you then lie in bed staring at a screen until midnight instead of going to sleep? Apparently there’s a term for that – revenge bedtime procrastination. Turns out that staying up super late until we’re exhausted is the revenge we take on our day for being all work and no play.

But it doesn’t have to be this way! Take your day back, spend more time with family & friends and sleep like a baby. Outsource your chores!

Guilt-free and worry-free.

Please stop worrying! At just $4.50kg for our wash, dry & fold service, Laundry Point is so affordable that you can enjoy the service guilt free. And, the system is so reliable and secure that it is worry free as well.

You can book a pickup in as little as two hours from now with delivery just 24 hours after that. You’ll receive a text to notify you when a driver is on their way and a link to track them to you live on line, just like with Uber. So you never again need to panic about how you’re going to get everything done.

Are laundry services and ironing services life changers?

Anything that frees you up to do the things you love is life changing. What things are important in your life? What do you enjoy doing most? What brings you joy? We’re guessing washing and ironing don’t top your list. Maybe you yearn for more time with family, more dinners with your significant other, more time on the treadmill or more time working on that one big idea that will change everything.

The point is this: it’s your time and freeing yourself to enjoy it is up to you. Download our app and get rid of at least one chore today.