Dirty Laundry & How To Deal With It

Ask just about anyone how they are and their answer is usually “busy”. We put our all into our work, committing to the long hours and deep headspace it takes to do a job well. Not to mention our family and social lives. And, for the most part, we like it like that. Busy is the “new black”. So why is anyone wasting precious time dealing with dirty laundry?

It takes time and effort just to keep up.

Many families have two breadwinners juggling schedules to share the load of work and home. Or, if you’re flying solo, it’s even harder to get everything done, commit at work and have a social life without any help to get through life’s minutiae.

Perhaps once we’d feel guilty about socialising with friends instead of getting ourselves and our dirty laundry organised for the week ahead. Now though, if COVID has taught us anything, it’s that time spent together with other human beings is incredibly precious. So many people have now realised that cancelling friends or time with family is just not an option when they’re running short on time.

So, why on earth are you still doing such a time consuming task as laundry yourself?

Outsourced laundry services and ironing services are in good company.

With the tap of an app, you can summon an Uber car to your door, a Deliveroo meal to your workplace and an AirTasker handyperson to paint your side fence. And, now, with Laundry Point, you can outsource your washing, folding, dry cleaning and ironing with the same ease.

Why wouldn’t you? There’s no guilt. It’s affordable and secure. You have nothing to lose and just time to win back. Time to do the things you love and enjoy, rather than dealing with laundry tasks.

No need to keep carting your sweaty gym clothes and towels to and from work every day. And no need to drag the towels home from your physio or osteo practice to try to get them done yourself either. Simply fill a basket and have the lot picked up from your home, workplace or wherever is convenient and we’ll deliver it back to you all done. Perfect.

Stop staring down relentless waves of folding and ironing (and more folding), week in, week out. The solution is just a tap away.

Revenge bedtime procrastination.

Do a couple of loads of washing, and you won’t have time to go to the gym. Iron next week’s business shirts tonight, and you won’t get to that dinner with friends or the kids’ soccer. You could hide a large dog under the mountain of washing that needs folding, but you’re just desperate to hit the couch for some Netflix and chill.

Do you find yourself so out of control during the day that you have to forego enjoyable activities to make time for mind numbing chores? Do you then lie in bed staring at a screen until midnight instead of going to sleep? Apparently there’s a term for that – revenge bedtime procrastination. Turns out that staying up super late until we’re exhausted is the revenge we take on our day for being all work and no play.

But it doesn’t have to be this way! Take your day back, spend more time with family & friends and sleep like a baby. Outsource your chores!

Guilt-free and worry-free.

Please stop worrying! At just $4.50kg for our wash, dry & fold service, Laundry Point is so affordable that you can enjoy the service guilt free. And, the system is so reliable and secure that it is worry free as well.

You can book a pickup in as little as two hours from now with delivery just 24 hours after that. You’ll receive a text to notify you when a driver is on their way and a link to track them to you live on line, just like with Uber. So you never again need to panic about how you’re going to get everything done.

Are laundry services and ironing services life changers?

Anything that frees you up to do the things you love is life changing. What things are important in your life? What do you enjoy doing most? What brings you joy? We’re guessing washing and ironing don’t top your list. Maybe you yearn for more time with family, more dinners with your significant other, more time on the treadmill or more time working on that one big idea that will change everything.

The point is this: it’s your time and freeing yourself to enjoy it is up to you. Download our app and get rid of at least one chore today.