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Laundry Point launches as Australia’s first peer-to-peer laundry service

Love it or loathe it, laundry and ironing are part of life. Now, thanks to Laundry Point, freeing yourself of onerous laundry tasks is as simple as a tap on an app. Conjuring up a clean, pressed shirt or five has never been so easy.

Laundry Point is a newly minted, tech-enabled app that matches laundry loathers with laundry lovers. It’s Australia’s first peer-to-peer, on-demand, pick-up laundry service, and it’s designed with busy, modern lifestyles in mind. 

Conceived in Melbourne by Kylie and Rene Jaramillo, Laundry Point is a direct response to market demand. These stalwarts of the dry cleaning industry found more and more customers looking to outsource time-consuming laundry and ironing tasks. And Kylie and Rene knew there was a willing labour pool of work-from-home mums, dads and students looking for extra income. They just needed to bring them together.

On-demand is more in-demand than ever.

Like other players in the on-demand services, collaborative consumption and sharing economy arenas, Laundry Point matches customer needs with providers. Think: Uber, BlaBlaCar, Airbnb, AirTasker and dozens of other established and start-up enterprises bringing choice and competition to the market.

Laundry Point leverages geolocation, frictionless payments, a growing network of launderers and a peer review system to deliver fuss-free on-demand laundry services. All with the simple tap of an app.

Who does other people’s laundry?

If you’re one of those people who loathes laundry, you might be wondering who’d do other people’s laundry by choice. The fact is that many people love laundry and relish the chance to build themselves a business or side income through peer-to-peer platforms. 

They might be your neighbour, or someone who lives a couple of streets or suburbs away. Stay at home mums and dads. Students. Part-time workers. Even full-time workers seeking weekend work. They’re all attracted to the flexibility and potential of being a Laundry Point launderer. Setting your own hours, working locally, managing your work on your terms – it’s all about freeing yourself of money woes and the ties of traditional employment.

Australia’s first on-demand peer-to-peer laundry service.

Laundry Point pioneers on-demand laundry services in Australia. With its affordable single-tiered pricing structure, “minimum clicks” ordering interface and instant, app-enabled communication it’s a winner for those who loathe doing laundry … and those who love it.