Have you noticed how hard it is to work out the pricing on a laundry or dry cleaning service? It’s such a simple question, so why do our competitors make it so hard to find an answer?

Some of them have a hidden Merchant Fee of 2% added onto the quoted prices at the end (Jim’s Laundry). Some of them have a secret cost of having a minimum charge per load which really means per colour (Dryz). That is really going to add up unless you only ever wear black. Well let’s face it, chances are you do only wear black (we’re looking at you, Melbourne). But what about the white socks and light coloured gym wear or whatever? What about your kid’s clothes? You shouldn’t have to avoid putting some items in. Some of them charge per bag which seems cheap enough until you work out how much it really is per kilo. You shouldn’t get a bill shock simply because a service provider tried to hide the pricing of their laundry or dry cleaning service from you.

To make matters worse, others have a different price for dry cleaning on every single garment. You just want to be rid of your dirty laundry, not stock take it. 

Here at Laundry Point we believe that laundry is not a luxury, but an everyday part of life. You shouldn’t have to blow your budget to free yourself from an ordinary household chore. That’s why we set out to find a way to generate savings without skimping on quality of product or service.

Laundry Point developed the technology which automates invoicing and streamlines pickup and delivery. This has generated cost savings and we pass those savings on to you.

So here is our pricing for our laundry service and dry cleaning, no hidden costs. Except of course the pickup and delivery fee, which we might not have emphasised enough, is totally free of charge…

Laundry Pricing $5.5 per kg (wash, dry, sort and fold)

We’re not fussy about what laundry you want done. Bed linen, work clothes, kids clothes, gym towels, commercial or domestic, whatever it is we’d love to help you do it.

A heaped laundry basket usually holds around 7kgs on average, which equates to around $35. This just happens to also be our minimum order amount. Feel free to take your best guess on this basis when booking, we will weigh it when it comes in and let you know if it weighs more than 2kgs over what you had booked before processing. At that point you will have the opportunity to decide whether to proceed on that basis or if you would prefer the Launderer to take some items out. If it weighs less than 2kgs over and above what you had booked we’ll consider your approval implied and just go ahead and adjust accordingly.

Don’t worry about separating your darks from your whites, our laundry professionals will do that for you. Your laundry will be delivered back to you washed, dried, sorted and folded in the same bags or baskets. Clean, fresh laundry that took only 30 seconds of your time to get done. Genius.

Ironing / Pressing $3.5 – $7.0 per item

Any basic item like shirts, t-shirts, polos, tops, blouses, shorts, pants or kids clothes costs just $3.50 per item to get ironed.

Have something a bit more complex and time consuming to iron? Of course it’s only fair to compensate our Launderers for their time. So, dresses, jumpsuits, jackets, coats, linen or anything else not listed in the $3.50 per item for ironing list (or bed and table linen) is charged at this price.

If you are booking an order of just ironing, please include at least 10 items ($35) to help cover the time associated with the free pickup and delivery. If you are booking in washing as well, then it is absolutely fine to have the Launderer iron a single shirt.

Ironing / Pressing Bed & Kitchen $12.50 per item

Doona covers, sheets and tablecloths all take time to iron properly so we have a separate price for that. Don’t worry though, this price includes washing. If you only want these items washed and NOT ironed, go ahead and include it in the $4.95 per kg price instead. Please note that we do not handle curtains at all.

Dry Cleaning Pricing Tier One $12.50 per item

Blazers, Pants, Ties, Jumpers, Tops, Skirts, Shorts, School Uniforms, Pinafore Style Dresses all the same price to make booking easy. Dry cleaning will be returned on hangers, beautifully pressed.

Dry Cleaning Pricing Tier Two $25 per item

Coats, Dresses, Jumpsuits, Silks, Beaded Items, Linen, Sequined Items, Heavily Stained Tier One Items. You know, anything that is more than what you might describe as standard. As always, dry cleaning will be returned on hangers, pressed to perfection.

Bedding $40 per item

Doonas, Bedspreads, Underlays, Blankets all sizes. Wool will be dry cleaned, feather or polyester will be washed. Yellowing is an irreversible part of the aging process of these items and won’t come out however please rest assured that items will be returned hygienically clean.

There are two things we can’t do in this category. Firstly, we can’t do mattress pillow tops as they don’t fit in even large washing or dry cleaning machines. The second item we can’t do is pillows themselves as they are very difficult to dry in the core and we never want to be responsible for a mouldy smell in your face when you’re trying to sleep.

Handwashing &/or Airdrying $7 per item

Some delicate things can’t be put through a washing machine or dryer. We are happy to give those the individual attention they need.

Sunday & Public Holiday Surcharge

Did you know that the Sunday loading for staff in our industry is 80%? That makes the 25% surcharge for servicing you on a Sunday an absolute bargain, especially when you consider that, as a service industry, wages make up at least 50% of the ticket price of your order.

Meanwhile, the wage loading for staff working on a public holiday is an eye watering 120%. Unfortunately we simply can’t maintain the lowest prices in the industry AND absorb that cost. That’s why we close altogether on public holidays, unless of course you are a large commercial client that has made specific arrangements prior.

Default Prices & Negotiation

We have set default prices to make life simple. That is, after all, why you use us. We understand that you don’t want a million options to select from when booking in an order.

A one size fits all approach to every possible item can have its drawbacks though. That is just one reason why we need to leave a little wriggle room for both you and our Launderers to negotiate the price yourselves.

For example, if you have a decorative throw for your bed that is similar to but smaller than a single blanket it hardly seems fair that you would pay $40. Just call before booking and we’ll work something out.

Alternatively, if for example you have a wedding dress or a ballgown then the Dry Cleaner will certainly insist upon an increase in price. We haven’t included a price category for these items as we believe that this is one instance that you really should take them into a drycleaner and discuss the item with them in person.

Similarly, if you have a piece of very expensive, high-end couture then the Dry Cleaner may charge more. Don’t worry though, they’ll never just put a price up without discussing it with you first. If you don’t like the new price you can always just cancel.

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