Laundry’s not a luxury, it’s an everyday part of life. You shouldn’t have to blow your budget to free yourself from an ordinary household chore. That’s why we set Laundry Point’s pricing at an affordable level.

And we didn’t want to complicate it with tiered prices and confusing laundry categories. After all, you want to be rid of your dirty laundry, not go through it with a fine-toothed comb. 

Laundry $4.50 per kg (wash, dry, sort and fold)

We’re not fussy about what laundry you want to be done. Bed linen, work clothes, kids clothes, gym towels, commercial or domestic, we’d love to help you do it. If it fits in a standard washing machine, we can get it done for you.

Just log in and post how many kilos you need to be done and one of our launderers will be in touch. They’ll pick-up your laundry and deliver it back to you washed, dried, sorted and folded in the same bags or baskets. Clean, fresh laundry that took only 30 seconds of your time to get done. Genius.

Ironing $3.50 per item

That’s any item except bed linen, tablecloths or curtains. Want your business shirts perfectly pressed? Done. Tee shirts, chinos or work uniforms – every item will be returned to you crisp and crease-free for the same flat price of $3.50 per piece.

You simply pay for the total number of items our launderers iron for you without having to conduct an audit. Why would you ever iron again?

Ironing Bed & Kitchen $12.50 per item

Doona covers, sheets, tablecloths and curtains all take at least half an hour per item to iron properly so we have a separate price for that. Don’t worry though, this price includes washing. If you only want these items washed and NOT ironed, go ahead and include it in the $4.50 per kg price instead.