Dry Cleaning

Quite simply the highest quality, most convenient dry cleaning service, ever invented.

Dry cleaning is a highly technical field. In fact, it requires years of experience and specialised equipment to do well. But there are so many dry cleaners of such varying quality it’s hard to know who you can trust.

We work exclusively with highly trained Drycleaning Institute of Australia (DIA) accredited dry cleaners to ensure quality compliance. And of course we utilise our own extensive experience within the industry to test and vet our operators as well.

Laundry Point is, above all, a community of highly skilled owner/operators. We support each other and share skills for a lifetime of learning. That is just what passionate people who are invested in their business do.

We have a simple, transparent process of dealing with clients and their garments based on experience and industry stated best practices. All of our partners are contractually obligated to abide by this code of practice. They do this happily and willingly because our dry cleaners back themselves as the very best in the business. We do not know of any other company that can make such a claim.

So now you have access to the highest quality dry cleaning service in the market today. Wherever you are, whenever you want. If only everything in life was this simple and worry free!

Are you the best dry cleaner in your local area? Why not consider joining our community? Please contact us and let’s start a conversation about how we can help you.