Commercial Laundry

All sorts of businesses have too much laundry to ask staff members to handle it. After all, laundry is time consuming and it just doesn’t make good commercial sense to pay someone who is on $30ph+ to do laundry.

But the large commercial laundries either won’t help because the volumes aren’t big enough, or they need all sorts of contractual commitments or are completely inflexible.

Production line laundry

“Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants, so long as it is black”

Henry Ford

Does your current commercial laundry service make you work around them? Their linen, their pickup and delivery times, folded their way? What if you want something done a certain way to make your business really stand out from the competition?

How about a different coloured towel for your AirBnb to make your bathroom really pop?

Rolling your yoga studio or day spa towels gives a really high end feel and maybe you want to consider it for your business.

And what if you’re an events stylist that has linen napkins?

Or a dermatologist that requires towels washed with special laundry detergent for sensitive skin?

Large commercial laundries use multi million dollar plants full of robotics designed to save money on staff. They churn out one thing, folded one way, en masse. That is why we all still have to suffer sleeping under blankets tucked in WAY too tight at every single hotel instead of much cosier doonas.

Bespoke solution as individual as you are

Here at Laundry Point we don’t have robots. We have experienced owner operators who are 100% committed to your business. Everything we do we do for you and you alone so nothing is too much trouble. Our Launderers are in business too and need to make money of course, just like you do, but we offer an affordable bespoke service second to none. So, if you have a special request; just ask!

No wonder we have grown so fast in such a short period of time!

Become a partner

Small commercial laundry owners and dry cleaners work incredibly hard. The best ones are experts in their field, but they are not necessarily experts in marketing and technology. Even if they want to focus on these areas they simply don’t have the time. Manning the phones to answer inquiries or sorting out tax invoices for customers can be a constant interruption that takes someone away from the real job at hand.

Laundry Point helps these hard working business people deliver. We do this with a deep understanding of the issues that laundries & dry cleaners face thanks to our years of industry experience. That is how we have revolutionised the laundry and dry cleaning industry to make it better for everyone. Better for our service providers, and better for our clientele.

Are you looking to become a Commercial Laundry or Dry Cleaning partner? Are you excellent at what you do but struggle to get the word out to bring in new customers? Please contact us and we can send you a brochure with full details on how we can help you. After all, it never hurts to see what else is available in the marketplace today.