Commercial Laundry

All sorts of businesses have too much laundry to ask staff members to handle it. After all, laundry is time consuming and it just doesn’t make commercial sense to pay someone to do it when you are already short staffed.

But the large commercial laundries often can’t or won’t help. Either the volumes aren’t big enough, they need all sorts of contractual commitments or are completely inflexible regarding what they can process and their delivery times. In other words, they expect your business to work around theirs.

Laundry Point can help, because when it comes to laundry, we can do just about anything you need us to do.

Bespoke laundry solutions as individual as you are

When was the last time your current commercial laundry service asked you what you needed? The answer is never. They demand that you use their linen, their pickup and delivery times, folded their way. What if you want something done differently to make your business really stand out from your competition?

We launder your uniforms at an incredibly low per kilo price, not per item! Do your staff wear polyester polos? There is no way you’re getting it cheaper!

Have an insurance job that requires something literally out of the box like unpacking and repacking items?

How about a different coloured towel for your AirBnb to make your bathroom really pop?

Rolling your yoga studio or day spa towels gives a really high end feel but it is really time consuming for your staff. They can’t just stand there all day rolling towels!

Starched white tablecloths and napkins have their place but what if you’re an events stylist offering something different?

Or a dermatologist that requires towels washed with special laundry detergent for sensitive skin?

We are a bespoke commercial laundry service that caters to your unique business and we can do anything and everything you need. Just ask!

Please contact us today to discuss your specific needs, we’d be happy to help. Otherwise feel free to just go ahead and download the app. You can use the Notes section within the app for any special requests you may have.

Once you’re happy with the service we can set you up with a recurring booking if you wish so that you can just “set and forget” and you can be free from ever thinking about your laundry again. Or you can continue to use the app and book on an ad hoc basis. Whatever works best for you.