Why outsourced laundry services mean smart business

For chiropractors, osteopaths, physiotherapists and more

Business is business. If you’re a chiropractor, osteopath, physiotherapist or high-end beauty therapist you know it’s mission-critical to have a stockpile of clean, ready-to-go towels on hand. One or two towels per client can quickly add up to dozens (even hundreds) each week per practitioner. Same goes for childcare centres with kiddy-sized cot sheets and towels being on high rotation.

So, how do you free yourself of the worry and effort of your business laundry when your appointment book’s brimming and your team’s already under the pump?

With Laundry Point’s unique, on-demand, door-to-door laundry service.  

How Laundry Point gets down to laundry business for your business

It couldn’t be simpler or more time efficient. Spend a few seconds tapping the Laundry Point app and you’re sorted.

Let us know:

  • how many baskets of laundry you have
  • when you want them picked up.

One of our dedicated launderers will get in touch to confirm your order. Then they’ll collect your dirty laundry at the agreed time. They’ll carefully wash, dry and fold your order, returning it all fresh and clean to your door at a time that suits you.

Your time required? After your initial setup, each order should take less than 30 seconds to book – an easy task to slot in between clients.

Are outsourced laundry services a smart business decision?

Add up the set-up cost to install and maintain laundry equipment within your business premises, the price of additional power resources and the weekly spend on laundry products. Factor in the time you or your team need to spend away from client-facing roles to manage the laundry, and there’s no question that outsourcing your laundry to an efficient, affordably priced service like Laundry Point makes good business sense.

It’s commercially savvy, stress-busting and time-boosting. You outsource your accounting, your cleaning and your marketing, why not outsource your business laundry to a team of laundry specialists who’ll give your laundry the love it deserves without costing the earth.

Download the Laundry Point app today, place your first order and see just how good it feels to free yourself of the worry of business laundry.