Doona Cleaning

Regularly cleaning your doona is essential on so many levels.

That yellowing that you see on your doona? It’s caused by sweat. Yikes. That could be why your bedroom is starting to smell like a gym despite regularly changing your sheets.

Worse, bedding can harbour dust mites, bacteria, fungal spores and all types of nasties. Kind of makes you wonder just who you are really sleeping with and you don’t even know it.

Yellowing doesn’t come out but we can nonetheless ensure that your bedding is once again hygenically clean and smelling fresh.

We suggest having a heavy winter doona & a lighter weight summer doona for your bed.
Get them cleaned when you swap them over as the weather changes twice each year before you put them in storage.


But of course you want to get your doona cleaned, that’s why you’re here. The problem is not if you should get your doona cleaned but rather how to go about it. After all, dragging a boot full of bedding to the dry cleaners is, well, a drag! Good luck getting a park out the front! Thankfully Laundry Point have solved this headache once and for all.

Quite simply the fastest, most convenient doona cleaning service, ever invented.

Laundry Point is an app that you download onto your phone to have the laundry and dry cleaners come to you. Once set up we can have a driver to your door in just two hours from now, seven days a week with delivery just a couple of days later. No need to drag that bulky bedding down the street ever again.

Don’t worry, we can send someone out for just one doona, and yes, pickup and delivery is absolutely free. That’s service. In fact, people often wonder how we can provide such an amazing service at such low prices. The answer is in the app. It does a whole bunch of grunt work in the background to manage the logistics and accounts which saves us money on overheads. We pass those savings onto you.

So now you have access to fresh, clean bedding wherever you are, whenever you want. If only everything in life was this simple and worry free! Heard enough? Head on over to our download page. Want to know more? Read on.

Because it’s not just doona cleaning that we handle. Underlays, bedspreads and blankets can all be picked up and taken away in no time. Dry cleaning, domestic and commercial laundry? Yep, we do that too. And Ironing? Well you can just go ahead and assume that we do everything with the same level of highest quality service that we are building our reputation on.

Looking for more than just doona cleaning?

Looking for a full laundry service to handle your bed linen as well? What a good idea! Why not let us handle everything for you. Our wash, dry and fold service is just $6kg or you can have a doona cover washed and pressed for just $20ea. Pop on over to our pricing page to find out more.

Do you sometimes wonder “how do they do it?” when you look at people who always appear to have everything so under control? Their house always looks like a catalog, their clothes are always pressed. Quite simply they have help. Some have help from someone at home like a stay at home parent and some have professional help like a cleaner that comes in once a week or a laundry service like ours. One thing is for sure though, no one person can do everything when there are only so many hours in a day. Not if they want a life outside of work and chores at least. Consider a regular laundry service and make Laundry Point your secret weapon.

Not sure if we service your area? Clicking on a download button anywhere on any page will bring up a postcode checker.