About Laundry Point

There are two types of people in the world: those who love laundry and those who loathe it. We love it. So we made it our mission to free you from laundry chores – anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Designed as an app-enabled service for people who want to book on an ad hoc basis, Laundry Point connects people who want to outsource their laundry to nearby people ready to help. For businesses or families who just want to “set and forget” we can set up a regular service just for you. 

Laundry Point makes getting laundry done:

  • fast – on-demand service with super-quick response times
  • easy to use – pick-up and delivery service to your door
  • affordable – $6.50 per kg washed, dried, sorted and folded
  • professional – we only use DIA Affiliated Dry Cleaners to process both laundry & dry cleaning
  • secure – online payment system
  • sustainable – uses fewer resources

We’re rolling out Laundry Point across Melbourne, and we’re proud to have the largest coverage area of any such service. If we don’t have a launderer in your area, we’ll work hard to get one on board fast. Contact us to let us know your location and we’ll get onto it.

Big reach. Small footprint.

Because our launderers are already close by, they don’t need to travel all over town clocking up excess kilometres. Faster for our customers, better for our environment.

And we use the latest in eco friendly dry cleaning technologies to ensure that your clothes not only look great, but are gentle on the environment. 

Who are we?

We are Laundry Point founders, Kylie and Rene Jaramillo. We own and operate Renes Dry Cleaners – a prestigious, 40-year-old dry cleaning business in Melbourne. More and more of our clients were looking to get not just their dry cleaning but their standard laundry and ironing done too. Every day, people would tell us how they feel about laundry – the tedious, time-consuming chore that never goes away. They want it done their way: quickly, easily, affordably and sustainably. So we conceived Laundry Point.