Mobile laundry services for Airbnb owners

Airbnb owners know the scramble far too well. Your guests have just left your property and you have a new party arriving soon. You need the bed linen, towels, hand towels, bath mats and tea towels sorted, and sorted soon. 

Washing and drying them takes hours and the cleaner can’t hang about waiting for multiple loads. If they did, it would cost you a fortune!

Airbnb accommodation is an ultra-competitive market and you can’t afford to take shortcuts. Fresh, clean and pressed linen is a must when it comes to maintaining your Airbnb review rating for high-end properties. Guests notice and they’re not afraid to let the world know in their feedback review.

You live miles away, maybe in a different city altogether. So, what’s the best way to deal with it all?  

Laundry Point offers you a smarter, time-saving option.

Laundry Point will free you up to get on with all the other stuff busy Airbnb owners need to do. 

Take just 30 seconds to post your laundry order on Laundry Point. Save your self worry and gain back hours of time to spend doing whatever you need (or want) to do.

Simply tell us:

  • how many baskets of washing you have
  • how many items need ironing
  • pick-up time
  • delivery time
  • how many beds you want made up.

One of our expert launderers will confirm back for you. They’ll come collect your laundry job direct from your Airbnb, then deliver it back as agreed: freshly washed, folded, sorted and ironed and they’ll even make the beds for you, if you wish. And with a pristine, professional finish that will impress your Airbnb guests. 

Laundry. Done.

Laundry Point is coming to your area.

From wherever you and/or your Airbnb are located, Laundry Point is ready to help you free yourself from your laundry. 

We’re rolling out our services to new areas across Australia every week. If we’re not in your area already but you want to use the service please get in touch and we’ll start the process of recruiting a suitable launderer for you.

Download our free app to see just how easy it is to free yourself.