Why Drycleaning Matters

Look in any wardrobe and you will find the most expensive garments in there are probably labelled “dry clean only”. This is why the drycleaning company you choose to clean them matters. 

Your sharpest suits and delicate beaded silk dresses cost a lot of money to purchase. Therefore, it is extremely important to find someone you can trust to maintain them. But, with one or more dry cleaners in virtually every suburb how do you know who you can trust? Dry cleaning is a highly specialised trade. It involves solvents, procedures and techniques that can vary greatly depending on the garment.

Thankfully, Laundry Point has taken all the trial and error of finding a good dry cleaner away. We only partner with DIA affiliated dry cleaners with a proven track record and contract them to adhere to our quality standards.

Here we outline our process to show you just how much who you choose to take care of your drycleaning matters.  

Why The Care Label Matters

Did you know that the Care Label attached to every garment acts as a warranty? Let’s say that the Care Label attached to your black and white striped tshirt says “wash in cold water. If you do as instructed but the black bleeds onto the white did you know you can take it back to the shop that you purchased it from and demand a refund? However, if you washed it in warm water you have effectively voided the warranty and there is nothing you can do about it.

This works in exactly the same way for dry clean only garments. We have contracted our dry cleaners to follow the care instructions on every garment you put in for dry cleaning unless they have your express permission to do otherwise. Why would you give such permission? Years of experience can provide a seasoned professional with an array of tips & tricks. If our dry cleaners have tried everything within the Care Label Instructions to get a stain out but it still won’t budge, they may offer to try something else. At that point, what have you got lose? 

Why Experience Matters

Laundry Point drycleaners have access to a vast amount of industry experience. Laundry Point’s founders are extremely experienced, second generation dry cleaners who work hand in glove with their suppliers. They also provide their suppliers with the combined know how of an extensive dry cleaning community. So you’ve taken your garment elsewhere but they can’t get that stain out? You’ve come to the right place. If we can’t get it out, no one can.

Why Industry Affiliation Matters

All Laundry Point dry cleaners are members of the governing body for the drycleaning industry, the Drycleaning Institute of Australia (DIA). Why should that matter? The DIA literally wrote the book on industry best practices which the courts use to establish fault and compensation. Our suppliers are contractually obligated to adhere to these best practices.

So relax. Your investment in your wardrobe is more protected than with any other dry cleaning service. We literally guarantee it.

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