7 Ways to Get Laundry Done Faster

Clearly, if you get laundry done faster you’ll have more time to do other things. And let’s face it. For most people time is better spent doing almost anything else. Here are our top tips to get your life back.

1. Use a Laundry Service

The easiest way to get laundry done faster? Utilizing a laundry service like Laundry Point of course! We professionally clean and fold your clothes, with a turnaround time of just 24 hours. We even sort the folded laundry into separate piles for each member of the family making it super quick and easy to put it away. With free pickup and delivery all part of the service you can literally have mountains of laundry taken care of in the 30 seconds it takes to book it in on our app. We do ironing, handwashing, dry cleaning, you name it. If it’s in your hamper it can be taken off your hands. And after all, life is too short to spend it trying to get through all this in your downtime. Determined to do it yourself? Don’t worry there’s plenty of tips to come.

2. Sort Laundry Strategically

Don’t wait until you’ve got a big pile of dirty laundry to pick through before you sort. Instead, keep multiple smaller hampers in your walk in robe so you can sort your items as you take them off, or as they become dirty. If you’re a corporate person you could label each one handwashing, dry cleaning, bed linen and laundry. If you’re a big family you might label them lights, darks, bedding and sports (heavily soiled) instead. Have a play with it until you work out what’s right for you. Tall rectangular bins are perfect for this job as they take up less space. Some even have internal buckets so you can just grab the whole thing out when its time to get washing. No more sorting required, just straight into the machine or straight off to the cleaners.

3. Include Booster In With Your Detergent

Don’t let stains slow you down. A good detergent means you don’t have to bother with pre-stain treatment. We recommend including some Napisan Vanish Gold along with your normal detergent. Most stains should come out without any additional work from you.

4. Optimizing Load Sizes

Be mindful of your load sizes. Bigger loads may reduce the number of loads you need to do, but overloading reduces the effectiveness of the wash and may mean you have to reclean. It’s all about striking the right balance to get laundry done faster.

5. Choose a Quick Wash Cycle

Many modern washers offer quick wash cycles which will get laundry done faster. These can effectively clean lightly soiled clothes in less time. Selecting a cold wash should reduce the cycle time even further. If you’re in a rush, this is a great option.

6. Efficient Drying Techniques

Proper drying techniques really help. Use a high spin cycle during the wash to extract more water, thereby reducing drying time. Also, make sure you don’t overload your dryer as air needs to circulate efficiently to reduce drying time further still. You might be surprised to find that two lighter loads will take less time to dry overall than one large load.

7. Fold Immediately

Avoid letting clothes sit in the dryer as the wrinkles will set in as they cool down. Instead, fold them immediately while they’re still warm to save time ironing. If you get this part right, you may find that many items may not need ironing at all.


Getting laundry done faster isn’t as daunting as it seems. By strategically sorting, using booster detergents, optimizing load sizes, and folding straight out of the dryer, you can greatly reduce the time spent on laundry. Try implementing these tips into your routine, and you’ll surely notice a difference.

For those days when time is just not on your side, consider turning to a reliable laundry service. This is an effective and even cost efficient way to offload your laundry chores, making your life a whole lot easier. So next time you wonder, “how to get laundry done faster,” remember this guide. Happy laundering!