Chore-busting laundry services for holiday home and weekender owners.

What’s the worst thing about packing up your holiday house to head back to the city after a blissful, relaxing weekend? Leaving the best weather of the whole weekend behind to make sure you have time to get your chores done before getting back to work and school on Monday.  

And what’s the biggest of those chores?  All the holiday house laundry, of course.

Squeezing all your bed linen and towels (and often your wet and sandy beach gear)back into the car for the trip home is counter-intuitive. You’re feeling chilled and restored after your break, and all you can think about is tackling the boot-full of washing and ironing once you get home.

Laundry Point has the problem solved.

Before you leave your holiday home, simply jump on the Laundry Point app and post an order for whatever washing and ironing you have. 

With as little as two hours’ notice, one of our trained launderers can collect it from you before you set off.

They’ll sort, wash, dry, fold and iron as per your instructions and deliver your fresh, clean linen back to your holiday home when you arrive back for your next weekend getaway, whenever you want. 

No need to drag rolled up sheets and sandy beach towels back to reality ever again. In less than 30 seconds, you can place your Laundry Point order and know your washing and/or ironing will be sorted and ready when you return.

And, why limit it to just the linen? You can have your “weekend wardrobe” of clothes all clean, ready and waiting for you, too. So now you don’t have to pack the car at all; you can just jump in and go. That’s freedom.

Save on packing. Save on car space. Save on time. 

Extend your Sunday and spend an extra couple of hours at the beach. 

Laundry, Done.

Laundry Point is coming to your area.

From wherever you weekender or holiday home are located, Laundry Point is ready to help you free yourself from your laundry. 

We’re rolling out our services to new areas across Australia every week. If we’re not in your area already but you want to use the service please get in touch and we’ll start the process of recruiting a suitable launderer for you.

Download our free app to see just how easy it is to free yourself.