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Washing & Ironing

We only use dry cleaners to do washing and ironing, and not just any dry cleaners, we only use DIA Affiliated dry cleaners. This means they are the highest skilled professionals in the country and they only use steam pressing on professional equipment, not domestic hand irons. The end result? Perfection. Sounds expensive? Actually it is incredibly affordable.

It is so affordable in fact, that Laundry Point is often the same price or less than others are charging to have amateurs iron in their homes. This is despite the fact that domestic irons not only result in a poorer finish but can actually burn or cause shining thus damaging your clothes. In other words, with Laundry Point you receive a professional finish at domestic rates. That’s $6.50 per kg for washing, $4 per item for basic items of ironing (pants, shirts, tops, uniforms, kids clothes etc) or $8 per item for ironing the fiddly stuff (blazers, coats, dresses, jumpsuits, linen etc). Want to just get a bunch of business shirts washed and pressed? They’re $4.75 each. Head on over to our Pricing page for more details.

And the best part? Laundry Point is the fastest, most convenient, most reliable laundry service available today, and it delivers to your door, on your schedule. It’s probably going to make you wonder how on earth we do it. The answer is in the apps.

Why an app?

Our unique technology is so much more than the simple-to-use customer facing app appears to be. In the background it enables detailed oversight combined with best-in-class security payments. It sends automated messages letting you know when your driver is on their way. You can even track them live on line as they drive to your door, just like with Uber. Lastly, every delivery is verified and full tax invoices are automatically emailed, all thanks to the app.

Best of all, because the apps take away time consuming administrative tasks like logistics management and accounts receivable, we can pass those savings onto you.

Still hate apps?

We get it. Some people just hate apps and that’s OK.

If you need washing, ironing or dry cleaning done on a regular basis just call us on 1300 911 573.  After placing just one order through the app you won’t ever have to use it again if you don’t want to.

Our minimum order amount is just $50 and we don’t charge a pickup fee.

Looking for a washing and ironing service and want to know if we service your area? Check your postcode here. If we’re not there yet don’t despair. Please get in touch and let us know what you need. We are growing every day and we might just be closer than you think.

What our customers are saying...

Satisfaction Guarantee.

We’re so sure that you’re going to notice the difference that we guarantee it.

In fact, we’re so sure that domestic ironers can’t deliver the service we provide that if you try it for the first time and decide that the service is not for you we will refund 100% of the cost of your initial order, up to $100. Just contact us within 7 days with a quick note on what you think we could have done better so that we can learn from the experience (we won’t try to talk you out of the refund in any way, promise!).

So now you have nothing to lose but a mountain of ironing. Free Yourself.

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Our Prices.

$6.5 per kilo

Wash, Dry, Sort & Fold.

(around $40 standard level washing basket)

$4 – $8 each

For ironing.

(professional steam pressing)

$20 each

For ironing bedding and kitchen.

(includes washing)

$14-$28 each

For Dry Cleaning.

$50 each

Doonas, Bedspreads, Blankets, Underlays.

* Laundry Point is closed on public holidays except by prior arrangement. Saturday pickup or delivery incurs a 25% surcharge, Sunday a 50% surcharge.