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Wash, Dry & Fold.

Finally the best, most affordable laundry wash, dry and fold service is now available in Melbourne. It is so affordable in fact, that you’ll never waste time doing laundry again.

We have dry cleaners expertly washing and drying your laundry, then sorting it as well. We’re not just talking about sorting your whites from your colours prior to washing, we take that as gospel. We mean sorting your clothes into mums, dads & kids clothes after they’ve been cleaned. This way you don’t have to mess up our perfect folding having to go through it all so you can put it away. We even break it down into pants, tops, smalls and so on. There simply is no better service than that.

So if Laundry Point is the fastest, most professional, most convenient mobile laundry service around, and delivers to your door, how do we get our prices so low? The answer is in our super clever apps which handles the logistical side of our pickup and delivery and dispenses with the need for an accounts department. We pass those cost savings onto you.

So Simple, So Fast

Once set up, it takes under 30 seconds to book a pickup. We can be there in as little as two hours from now with delivery of your clean, fresh, neatly folded laundry just 24 hours after that, on-demand.

If 30 seconds is more than you care to spend on your laundry, understood. We can set you up with a regular booking so you can set and forget. You do need to put at least one order through the app which sets you up with an account; then you never have to think about laundry again.

Safe & Secure

Laundry Point uses a unique quality control system developed with 40 years’ experience to ensure your laundry & dry cleaning service exceeds your expectations.

Deliveries are tracked and registered and all payments are made securely online. No wonder our reviews are so good!

Are you looking for a wash, dry and fold laundry service somewhere other than Melbourne? Check your postcode here. If we’re not there yet don’t despair. Please get in touch and let us know what you need. We are growing every day and we might just be closer than you think.

Need some dry cleaning done? Good news! We do that too.

What our customers are saying...

Our Prices.

$6.5 per kilo

Wash, Dry, Sort & Fold.

(around $40 standard level washing basket)

$4 – $8 each

For ironing.

(professional steam pressing)

$20 each

For ironing bedding and kitchen.

(includes washing)

$14-$28 each

For Dry Cleaning.

$50 each

Doonas, Bedspreads, Blankets, Underlays.

* Laundry Point is closed on public holidays except by prior arrangement. Saturday pickup or delivery incurs a 25% surcharge, Sunday a 50% surcharge.