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Laundry Pickup & Delivery Service.

Finally an affordable, bespoke laundry pickup and delivery service that operates on your schedule. Whatever you need, whenever you want. No need to organise your life around your laundry service ever again.

Laundry Point is quite simply the fastest, most convenient laundry service around, and it delivers to your door, on demand. Best of all, it’s priced so affordably that it barely costs more than doing it yourself. It’s the app that gets your laundry done so you don’t have to.

The app that gets your laundry done

Whilst the apps are so easy to use on the face of it, they actually handle all of the complex logistics tasks in the background for our Launderers. They act as an EFTPOS machine, securely processing payments and even automatically emailing tax invoices and credit card receipts to our customers. They track our drivers to your door, verifying each and every delivery. It also notifies you, our valued customer, of when the driver is on their way, and you can even track them to your door live online. This not only provides you with a reliability of service you just can’t get anywhere else, it also provides us with cost savings which we then pass onto you. So now you know the secret to how we get our service so high but our prices so low. In fact, at just $6.50kg we are the most affordable laundry service in Melbourne.

Whatever you need, wherever you are, whenever you want. No need to organise your life around your laundry ever again.

This is an affordable laundry pickup and delivery service designed to suit you.

So simple

Once set up, it takes under 30 seconds to book a pickup. We can be there in as little as two hours from now with delivery of your clean, fresh, neatly folded laundry just 24 hours after that, on-demand.

If 30 seconds is more than you care to spend on your laundry, understood. We can set you up with a regular booking so you can set and forget. You do need to put at least one order through the app which sets you up with an account; then we can take it from there.

Safe & Secure

Laundry Point uses a unique quality control system developed with 40 years’ experience to ensure your laundry & dry cleaning service exceeds your expectations. All orders have layers of oversight and our Launderers are contracted to follow industry developed best practices.

No wonder our reviews are so good!

Are you looking for a laundromat near me but not sure if we cover your are? Check your postcode here. If we’re not there yet don’t despair. Please get in touch and let us know what you need. We are growing every day and we might just be closer than you think.

What our customers are saying...

Laundry Point’s free, on demand pickup & delivery is perfect not just for domestic clients, but all types of business as well.

Events planners, hairdressers, beauty salons, massage parlours, physios, AirBnb managers.  All sorts of businesses that use a lot of chair covers, towels, uniforms or anything else you can think of are just loving our bespoke service and on-demand pickup and delivery for their commercial laundry needs.

No wonder Laundry Point has grown so quickly to proudly serve more areas of Melbourne than any other such service. What a game-changer!

Are you a business in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane that needs a regular laundry service but is outside our current service area?  We may still be able to help you.  Just contact us and tell us what you need and where you need it and we’ll get straight onto it for you.

Our Prices.

$6.5 per kilo

Wash, Dry, Sort & Fold.

(around $40 standard level washing basket)

$4 – $8 each

For ironing.

(professional steam pressing)

$20 each

For ironing bedding and kitchen.

(includes washing)

$14-$28 each

For Dry Cleaning.

$50 each

Doonas, Bedspreads, Blankets, Underlays.

* Laundry Point is closed on public holidays except by prior arrangement. Saturday pickup or delivery incurs a 25% surcharge, Sunday a 50% surcharge.