Launderer Details

Do laundry like a boss. Do you love laundry? Really love laundry? Do you see yourself making money doing commercial and domestic laundry from home? We do. So we made it easy. So easy, that for as little as $70pw you could be up and running with your own laundry business by this time tomorrow.

Earn around $24 a load doing commercial and domestic laundry.

You earn around $3.50 per kg (or around $24 per standard 7kg load), $2.70 per item for ironing. We estimate that a washing basket of clothes might take just half an hour of “hands on” time to sort and prepare, put in and pull out of a washing machine and dryer, and then fold. It’s not hard. And that means you could earn up to $48 per “hands on” hour from a single washing machine and dryer.

The more you do, the more you make.

The more you do, the more you make. How much work you can process depends on many factors including how far you’re willing to travel to collect laundry, what times of day you’re available, and how many washing machines and dryers you have.

Electricity, water rates and laundry products don’t cost much per load, and those costs are tax deductible, so keep your receipts. Petrol is also tax deductible and our app keeps track of the kilometres you drive so claiming is easy. All of the costs are broken down in detail in the training that you do before you start so you can make an informed decision. After all, the first thing any business person should ask is “how much profit will I make?”.

The security of being part of a team.

In the end the difference between starting a business with us versus going it alone is that you are always making money with us, you don’t have to spend money first on little more than “hope” which you would be doing if you were out on your own. We have a proven track record for obtaining new clients and you can choose how many new clients you think you can handle.

As you start to get busier you can ask us what we think might be a good next step in building your business. Or, if business is more than you can handle just talk to us about reducing your zone or lowering your subscription to make it easier to manage.

We like to think of ourselves as your copilot. You’re at the helm choosing what direction you want to take, but we’re right here with you helping you navigate, every step of the way.