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Dry Cleaners Melbourne.

The app that gets your dry cleaning done.

Gone are the days where you had to race home from work to get to the dry cleaners before they close in Melbourne. Or worse, where you had to travel for miles to get to a dry cleaner you know you can trust. Now Laundry Point brings experienced DIA Affiliated dry cleaners to you and even more than that, their workmanship is fully guaranteed. In other words, we have managed to create quite simply the highest quality, most convenient dry cleaning service ever invented.

Whatever you need, wherever you are, whenever you want. No need to get caught out running late to the cleaners and no need to argue with the dry cleaner regarding fault ever again.

The best part? Our apps have generated backend savings that we pass onto you. That’s why we can do standard items (eg blazers, pants, tops, jumpers, uniforms etc) at the one low price of $14 per garment. More complicated items such as dresses, silks, coats, jumpsuits etc are just $28 each. Find out more on our pricing page.

So simple

Once set up, it takes under 30 seconds to book a pickup. We can be there in as little as two hours from now with delivery just 72 hours after that, on-demand.

Safe & Secure

Laundry Point uses a unique quality control system developed with 40 years’ experience to ensure your laundry & dry cleaning service exceeds your expectations. Our dry cleaners are even contractually obligated to follow the Dry Cleaning Institute developed industry best practices. If they don’t and something happens they need to compensate you immediately. No arguments, no delays. We guarantee it. It really is that simple.

Deliveries are tracked and verified and all payments are made securely online. No wonder our reviews are so good!

Looking for a dry cleaners somewhere other than Melbourne? Want to know if we service your area? Check your postcode here. If we’re not there yet don’t despair. Please get in touch and let us know what you need. We are growing every day and we might just be closer than you think.

What our customers are saying...

Satisfaction Guarantee.

We want you to feel totally comfortable that we are going to deliver you a dry cleaning service that you’re going to love.

In fact, we’re so sure that we have created a “best in market” dry cleaning service that if you try it for the first time and decide that the service is not for you we will refund 100% of the cost of your initial order, up to $100. Just contact us within 7 days with a quick note on what you think we could have done better so that we can learn from the experience (we won’t try to talk you out of the refund in any way, promise!).

Moreover, we guarantee to follow the Care Instructions attached to every dry cleaning item we work on. No other dry cleaner offers such assurances.

Free Yourself.

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Our Prices.

$6.5 per kilo

Wash, Dry, Sort & Fold.

(around $40 standard level washing basket)

$4 – $8 each

For ironing.

(professional steam pressing)

$20 each

For ironing bedding and kitchen.

(includes washing)

$14-$28 each

For Dry Cleaning.

$50 each

Doonas, Bedspreads, Blankets, Underlays.

* Laundry Point is closed on public holidays except by prior arrangement. Saturday pickup or delivery incurs a 25% surcharge, Sunday a 50% surcharge.